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Benjamin + Le Yi
Benjamin + Le Yi@ 23rd November 2021
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A big thank you to both Julian & Yu Xian for doing an excellent SDE! They are adventurous and take pride in their work, making sure to capture significant moments. No regrets engaging the team & we highly recommend to everyone!!
Jit + Kelly
Jit + Kelly@20th Auguest 2023
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Engaged the CM team for our wedding luncheon and couldn’t be happier with our decision 🙂 From the get-go when we had a virtual chat with Julian, he was open and helpful and we liked his energy and the approach he has to his videos. On our AD, Julian and Deryck were great! Both were punctual and professional through the day, giving clear directions while allowing us to be natural and enjoy the moments. We also really loved the SDE video which captured the morning’s highlights so well and had a good mix of laughs and touching moments. No regrets on having the CM team and would definitely recommend them!
Lawrence + Esther
Lawrence + Esther@31st March 2022
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Julian is a master of capturing all the emotional and heartwarming moments of our actual day wedding and weaving all of it into a magical and artistic film, which all our family and friends had nothing but praise! We were so elated on how well and quick the morning highlights were produced, and received many positive reviews from our friends! The video was superbly choreographed, and the non-chronological story-telling was unique and engaging! The final wedding video was the icing on the cake, rewatching it took us back to our special day along with all the emotions intact! Aside to the amazing work done, Julian and Yu Xian are able to synergize seamlessly with our other vendors (eg. AD PG & Emcee). We are extremely grateful that we chose Candid Moments as our AD VG, and truly recommend Julian and Yu Xian! Stunning work!
Zac + Joanne
Zac + Joanne23rd February 2022
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Julian and team are very friendly and thoughtful. Knowing that we are awkward and not good with taking photos/videos, they helped us to warm up and laugh with sudden questionnaires and funny/quirky requests. That made the shoot very comfortable and enjoyable. The morning highlights was also very unique and well done with good song choice. Thank you guys! We enjoyed your company yesterday! 💕
Weiwen + Hua Chong
Weiwen + Hua Chong@ 22nd February 2022
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We are so grateful to have worked with Candid Moments along this journey of planning for our wedding! Thank you Julian for always going out of the way for us and having our best interest at heart! It was so comfortable shooting with you for the pre wed and subsequently, with Yu Xian as well on the AD… We are deeply touched by the sincerity in your service to create good works, and we are also really touched with the final products, especially the morning highlights (thank you for capturing the sweetest truly candid moments - I attach one screengrab but there are so much more), which were all so us… ❤️ 10/10 would recommend this to anyone out there looking for a VG to work with! Can’t wait for more videos to come already! 😘
Alex + Kathleen
Alex + Kathleen@ 4th February 2022
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If you’re looking for a team that is thoughtful, attentive, looks after you on the day whilst creating magical, candid and full of laughter moments for your special day with your loved on then look no further than Candid Moments! Having viewed his past works, my wife and I were keen to engage Julian’s services and it furthered ascertained our decision after speaking with him. Julian is very open in ensuring the thematic of our wedding fitted in well with what his team are about - being candid. On the actual day, they patiently guided us to achieve the best outcome and made the day a lot of fun. Julian hit it off right from the start with our MUA and PG from another company and we were glad to see the great partnership. Suffice to say, my wife and I were treated to a pleasant surprise with the morning highlights video screened during our dinner banquet as it captured bits of our first march-in as well. We were left amazed by the speed and creativity of Julian and team! And true enough, we received many compliments from our guests about the video and can’t thank Julian and team enough. We can’t wait to receive the final edits! 🙂
Shawn + Geraldine
Shawn + Geraldine@ 14th December 2021
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A big Thank you to Julian and his team for the amazing wedding highlights crafted for my wedding 2 days back. Beautiful, exciting, refreshing, engaging, touching are but just a few of the verbs that describes his carefully crafted video. It was so good that our guests all had nothing but praises about it 🙂 We also engaged his livestream services for our wedding. Though there were quite a fair bit of hiccups throughout it (links had to be change a few times, video lagged behind audio), it was still able to proceed. All in all, I would highly recommend Julian and his team for his videography, the way he is able to craft a unique story, capture the moment is second to none!
Tete + Betty
Tete + Betty@ 13th December 2021
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Julian and his team did a fantastic job capturing the highlights of our wedding! Watching the video took us right back to the special day along with all the emotions. We will treasure this for years and years to come. Everything - from the preparations to the final editing were done with the utmost professionalism. We also engaged Julian and his team for live streaming on the day, which our overseas family and friends loved. They said it was just like having front row seats at our wedding! We were also able to save this footage to watch again at a later date. We will not hesitate to recommend Candid Moments for those special moments in your life!
Guo Wei + Eunice
Guo Wei + Eunice@12th October 2023
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Imagine a down to earth, attentive, and creative film director who is passionate about his craft and uses his ability to capture the most candid and touching moments on your wedding day. From the moment we decided to work with Julian, we have felt his sincerity through the constant follow-ups leading up to our big day. He was always providing us with constructive feedback on our wedding ideas and would enthusiastically execute our vision (e.g. as we had a dance floor on our wedding day, on his own accord he brought his own spotlights to brighten up the stage to give our first dance that stunning look). He worked professionally with our MUAs and photographers and the seamless transitions and dedicated time management allowed us to adhere to our tight agenda without worrying about any overruns. Just looking at the raw footage that Julian has shared with us, it is incredibly admirable at how much work he puts in editing before presenting us with the most beautiful and captivating wedding film. We highly recommend engaging Julian and his team for your big day!


Candid moments

Candid Moments a specialized team in providing Wedding Cinematography services. We also do Events & Birthday Parties. Why the word cinematography and not videography? We don’t want to film your wedding day like a documentary video but we want to make it film like. And we do this with high quality equipment, and with our unique style of editing which is not in chronological that makes watching the video exciting and anticipating. But at the same time, we do our best to unfold your story through the film.

Firstly, we believe in capturing as much candid moments as possible. Moments that are natural, beautiful and with emotions. Especially when it comes to weddings(which is what we’re best at), we want to portrait the real and natural side of our couples.

Founder of candid moments

After filming his 1st wedding back in 2010, Julian started having the passion and interest in capturing candid moments on a wedding day. Be it fun or emotional.

Julian is very approachable and easy to be with. He’ll give his best advice on creating the Candid Moments way of filming a wedding. Knowing that it can be stressful on your wedding day, Julian’s easy-going nature will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. He will somehow be lingering around, trying not to be intrusive as he would like your wedding day to unfold itself naturally.

Not only does Julian have an eye for capturing beautiful raw moments, he mixes his footage with cinematic and aesthetic shots to create the film like video. Julian’s goal is to make sure that all his wedding videos leaves their couple smiling and hopes that it stays as a beautiful memory for you to easily recall anytime at a click of a button.

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